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sound engineer

After years of experience it got more and more obvious that the man behind that sound desk has got the power to make the entire band sound fantastic or terrible regardless of how the band plays! This lead for Gordon Cant to study recording technology and mixing as well as video production and all the rest required to get a product out there. He is currently also running a "rehearsal and recording studio in Morley".


Playing in Bands

Gordon Cant is currently playing in the "Amani Consort" (nominee for best urban act in Western Australia 2014). Also he is part of the "China Blue Experiment" representing West Australian Regional Music for the 2014 WAMI conference in Perth. He also has performed at the PERTH FRINGE FESTIVAL in "the last fair deal" or plays with "Matty T Wall" to name a few.

Teaching music

One of his teaching project is to teach in groups called "Music Learning Buddies". The goal is to get inspired by a collective group. Also he teaches "private lessons" which contain theory, easy tricks or a very deep musical understanding for a sustainable future in the music industry. Yet, sometimes more importantly than your skills are your appearance and attitude...

composing/ Film music

One thing that has always fascinated Gordon Cant was classical and film music. "SUPER" as an example for Gordon composing what is called Mickey Mousing. Modern technology has developed to the point that even the best musicians in the world can no longer tell software from real music. Using the fantastic software of "VIENNA" film scores can be produced at will. One other example is "TLGM", a short film by ....

Contact me

Gordon Cant
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